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Review of my novel, Mulligan, by Andrew Frame

  • Review by: Andrew Frame on Dec. 04, 2010 :
  • How do you review the hard work of one of your best friends without either hurting their feelings, or giving the impression that you're polishing a turd?
  • Fortunately for me, it's neither when if comes to Mulligan.
  • This is a good yarn.
  • When I started reading, I only put my reader down for sleep or work. I was pissed when a certain character died. I actually gave Antarctica a good going over on the globe at the library. Since Tommie and I know a lot of the same people, I got my jollies finding the easter eggs. But even if you don't find them, Mulligan is one of those good books that you'll want to finish over the course of a couple nights, and revisit once you've put it in your collection.
  • And, don't read the last chapter first. Seriously. He's got a wicked-good twist laying to jump you as you round the final bend.
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