a novel by Tommie Lee

- now available in paperback and eBook formats

More Facebook Praise for Mulligan...

  • Char Monges: I am at Chapter 9 and I felt that I must tell you that you have a knack for creating some truly fascinating characters! You have demonstrated a talent for making them seem so - how to say it without sounding like a dolt - honest I guess would be the right word. I haven't gotten that feeling from an author in quite a long time. Bravo! I can't wait to get home and keep reading! The penguins really cracked me up. My Captain and Coke went up my nose.
  • Glenn Peters: I've loved what I've read so far. Have the eBook but definitely look forward to a printed copy!
  • Mark Spurrier: Enjoying it very much!
  • Maureen Lorman: Last book I read, "Mulligan" Highly recommended
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